• Frenchs Forest
  • Warringah Road at Forest Way
CHANGED TRAFFIC CONDITIONS Northern Beaches Hospital road upgrade
Started 19/12/2018 05:34 PM
 Last Updated today 02:25 AM
Check signage
Allow extra travel time; Exercise caution

A change is now in place at the Warringah Rd and Forest Way intersection.

The separated merge lane for motorists turning right out of Forest Way to Warringah Rd city bound has been removed. Right-turning vehicles will now travel through the intersection instead of on the separated merge lane.

A red light has been introduced for Warringah Rd city bound on approach to the Forest Way intersection, to allow vehicles to turn right safely out of Forest Way towards Chatswood and the city.

Traffic will be heavy on Warringah Rd, Wakehurst Pkwy, Forest Way and other roads in the area, particularly during AM and PM peaks. Motorists are encouraged to allow plenty of extra travel time and avoid driving in the peaks where possible.

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